The National Science And Engineering Week

The British Science Association in tandem with Engineering UK and funded entirely by the Department for Business Innovation runs an annual National Science And Engineering Week to illuminate the British public with a range of events country wide.

Although a week it is actually spread across ten days and there is no central location for activities. Such is the interest from youth groups, individuals, business, schools and teachers each year that events are often individual collaborations across a variety of sciences and engineering topics.

Anyone can submit an event for inclusion in a bid to receive funds to get their project off the ground. It is also an opportunity for businesses and laboratories involved in science and engineering to open up their doors to the general public to garner further interest in the field.

The latest National Science & Engineering Week will take place between 14th and 23rd March 2014. Usually there is a model of topics which are covered but in 2014, the events will encompass any topic in the spectrum of science and engineering. Such is the varied interest in applications.

The general aim of the week is to get both adults and children interested in the sciences that advances us as a species. From entrepreneurs to people with ideas and new concepts to people who don't realise their next idea could make a huge difference to the next turning point of mankind. It is also an opportunity for businesses working within the realm to gain publicity and send out a clear message about their activity. In doing so, possibly raise more funding for their unique ideas and concepts and find new collaborations in the world at large. Both nationally and internationally.

Events range from talks and forums to science fairs. Exhibits on historic discoveries that changed the world to how the industrial age and even war creates great technological advances from one single invention. Steam engines for instance or the discovery of penicillin which had been around since time began.

Every possible business field and sector can benefit from scientific and engineering developments. It advances medicine and health, farming, genetics, transport, chemistry, computing right through to the end game of alleviating world poverty, affects on climate change and changes how we use and gain energy sources.

Whether you see a future with driver less cars, transport between tunnels under the sea, the ability to live on another planet or blend robotics with the human body and extend life. Or envisage a future where molecular machines are used to make products and food in the home, the National Science And Engineering Week is a great place to lift off and start that journey.