The Future Of Engineering And Transport

Whether you believe in another dimension, space travel that can bend time and have you arrive a billion light years away within seconds, you are the very future of the human race. We all are.

A little over one hundred years ago the populations of Earth was breeding horses to pull carriages. For well over 6000 years previously the mode of transport or function of pulling goods, was by this form of transport and wooden wheels. Throughout the ages different aspects were added until we finally arrived at the motor car.

In the last three hundred years, 1769 steam powered engines were used to move these carriages forward, another fifty years passed before the invention of the internal combustion engine. By the end of the 19th century the modern car was born with a version of an electric car appearing in the early 1900s.

We witness an amazing time line of discovery to inception which has changed society beyond all considerations. Time became aligned UK wide, private transportation was made possible between towns and cities at a faster speed. Mail and goods arrived quicker, all because of one invention.

Today, a little over one hundred years after the first electric car was devised they are coming into mass production with power points arriving nationwide but are currently still limited to city use and short distance travelling. Yet new technological advances in both power use and transfer of electricity wirelessly are set to become the norm both for cars and in the home.

Which brings us to the future of transport and engineering on the whole. If you consider that anything we can imagine can become reality over time, then anything is possible. Flight will soon involve using space as a further method to circumvent the air.

Cars that fly have already been invented although cost is currently preventing mass production and then there is also the air traffic system which needs to be invented and conceptualised also. Train travel is also morphing, from electromagnetic rails and trains that hover to airless tubing systems negating the barriers of air on force.

Through science fiction and films we have already serialised the ability of mass transportation devices which can unassemble and reassemble the molecules of our body. An invention for instantaneous individual travel across the world in seconds. This has already begun with the transfer of light particles between buildings several miles apart.